Our Team


Alyza Bohbot James

Favorite Coffee: Organic Guatemala

Loves: Spending time with her friends, family, and any animal, the sunshine, playing piano, and karaoke 

Alyza was born and raised in Duluth, MN. She spent 10 years on the East Coast earning an undergraduate in retail management and a masters degree in school counseling before she returned to Minnesota to take over the family coffee roasting business in 2014 and launching City Girl Coffee Co. in 2015. She prides herself in being a champion for women’s rights around the world. She is beyond proud of the brand, City Girl Coffee, and the work it is doing to help bring awareness to the women of the coffee world. 

Customer Service Team

Jane Cox, Account Specialist

Coffee Pick: Organic Breakfast Blend

Fun Fact: In her spare time, Jane is also a coordinator of an after school program at a Community Club she formed, in service to community.

Marketing Team

Kelsey Conant, Vice President Marketing

Coffee Pick: Organic Honduras

Fun Fact: Kelsey loves cooking, bonfires, family time and her dogs Rocky and Penny.

Bridget Nordlund, Head of Brand Development

Coffee Pick: Cold Press Blend

Fun Fact: Bridget is a chocolate cake connoisseur.

Erin Ryan-MosleyMarketing Coordinator

Coffee Pick: Organic Peru

Fun Fact: Erin has chipped her tooth on a coffee mug on three separate occasions.

Operations Team

Roy Alexander, General Manager

Coffee Pick: Freshest crop in the door.

Fun Fact: Roy is a coffee fanatic on weekdays, and a BBQ judge and competitor on weekends.

Jesse Hakala, Roaster

Coffee Pick: Organic Sumatra

Fun Fact: Jesse loves custom art, hot nights, Italian suits, and trips to anywhere.

Ezra Bennett, Roaster

Coffee Pick: Organic Honduras

Fun Fact: Ezra answers to many names, including but not limited to; Deadhead, Grateful dad, Java Llama, Kommissar of Coffee, and Master Roaster.

Kayli Staubus, Roaster/Production Team Member

Coffee Pick: Organic Peru

Fun Fact: Kayli has three cats.

Sales Team

Zoë LaTour, Account Manager

Coffee Pick: Organic Guatemala

Fun Fact: Zoë moonlights as a skater on North Star Roller Derby’s recreational league, the Satellites.

Henry Stein, Vice President Sales

Coffee Pick: Brazil: Blondie

Fun Fact: Henry serves as an adjunct marketing lecturer at University of MN and Hamline University.